Ques. 1 : Who Should Take Shivalik Gold? Ans. Shivalik Gold can be taken by all the men who wish to strengthen, widen and lengthen their erection and boost sexual pleasure with a herbal formula. It is helpful to men who suffer from diminished sex drive, early ejaculation, weak or short-term erection, lack of pleasurable sensation and lack of overall confidence about their sexual selves. Ques. 2 : How Often and for How Long Do I Need to Take Shivalik Gold? Ans. Shivalik Gold is a 100% ayurvedic product and all herbal or ayurvedic products need time to deliver benefits. If used regularly as per prescription, it definitely gives permanent results. The complete course is of 40 days (One Capsule Twice Daily), but you will start feeling the difference in first 3 to 5 days only. Shivalik gold acts upon reproductive cells to make them strong and throb with energy for ever which require a time span. Ques. 3 : I have Erectile Dysfunction I.e. I Get Short Term and Soft Erection. Will Shivalik Gold Help Me? Ans. Yes! Shivalik Gold has been formulated to cure almost all kind of male sex disorders. It will definitely help you get good hard and long term erection. Ques. 4 : I am Suffering from Premature Ejaculation, Feel Dull During Sexual Activities and Tired all the Time. Will I Be Able to Overcome this Situation with Shivalik Gold ? Ans. Definitely you can and you will. Shivalik Gold will impart energy to each and every cell of your body resulting in feeling of strength, increased stamina, delayed orgasm and self esteem. Ques. 5 : I am a Patient of Diabetes. Will It Be Safe for Me? Ans. There are no side effects of Shivalik Gold Capsules. Itâs completely safe and diabetes patients can use it to get the real heavenly feeling on earth. Ques. 6 : How Does Shivalik Gold Help a Sexually Weak Man ? Ans. Shivalik Gold helps men achieve greater erection capacity and longer-lasting sexual performance. It contains supplements designed to improve every aspect of a man's sexual function, performance and enjoyment. Shivalik Gold is a 100% natural formulation that works to increase erection effectiveness and sustaining power, improve sexual health, reduce premature ejaculation, increase orgasm power, reduce recovery time, boost libido and restore youthful hormonal levels. Ques. 7 : How Does Shivalik Gold Work? Ans. To understand this, first we need to know; how does penis work. There are no muscles in penis to make it soft, hard or erect. The erection is solely based upon pressure which is created by blood. We can easily understand the erection process with the example of a balloon. If a balloon has no air in it, itâs small and soft. As you start filling the balloon with air, it starts to expand and harden and remains in that condition if the air is not allowed to move out. The very same thing happens in penis at the time of erection, blood instead of air being the only difference. The penis contains two tubular structures, called corpora cavernosa (singular: corpus cavernosum), that it uses to become erect. Think of the corpora cavernosa as balloon like tubes. Arteries bring blood into these two tubes, and veins carry blood away from them. The penis can be either soft or erect, depending on the flow of blood: In a non-erect state, the arteries that bring blood into the corpora cavernosa are somewhat tightened, while the veins that drain the blood from the penis are open. There is no way for pressure to build inside the penis. In this state, the penis is limp. When a man becomes aroused, the arteries leading into the penis open up so that pressurized blood can enter the penis quickly. At the same time, veins contract which leads trapping of pressurized blood in the corpora cavernosa, and this blood causes the penis to elongate and stiffen and erection being the ultimate result. If the arteries leading to the penis don't open up properly, it is difficult or impossible for a man to get erection. This problem is the leading cause of erectile dysfunction and impotence. Shivalik Gold has various time tested and centuries old 100% natural ingredients, which enhance blood-flow to penile arteries. This leads to growth stimulation, virility and sexual stamina. Shivalik Gold contains ingredients from Shivalik Hills and other parts of Himalayas, formulated into a blend that helps increase blood flow to the penis and testicles. The careful blend of natural ingredients significantly impacts these tissues resulting in a stronger sex drive, a more sensitive, pleasurable experience and increased sexual ability.

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